Cialis© is this medicine approved to treat erectile dysfunction. Its component tadalafil, this last goal was to improve the circulation of blood to the penis thus facilitating the obtaining of a penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Today market in Europe and particularly in Ireland. Buy cialis in Ireland online.

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Medical information on Cialis

Conceived by the laboratory Lilly Icos it is a drug approve to treat erectile dysfunction (ed). First to market in the USA, now buy cialis in Ireland also. Its base molecule Tadalafil reduces the action of PDE-5 responsible for the low blood flow, therefore, the low erection. Buy Cialis online cheaper is easy at our online pharmacy. These pills are very easy to recognize. They are yellow, almond-shaped with the inion "C20"on one side. If much appreciate cialis it is simply because of the long duration of its effect which can go up to 36h this with only one pill. Because of this long-term effect it has received the nickname of "the pill of the weekend" In most of the Ireland buy cialis in Belgium online cheaper.

How does cialis

Cialis improves blood flow to the penis to allow a man to have an erection sufficient and move on to the sexual act in all serenity. 30 to 60 minutes before you have sex, take your pills only by mouth with a glass of mineral water. During this waiting period the component Tadalafil will slowly in the body while reducing the action of PDE5 and improves the flow of blood. Once this process is complete the man will be able to have sex with serenity. Note that contrary to rumor, cialis is not an aphrodisiac or extension of desire, as well for the effect to be possible the patient must be sexually stimulated first. Buy cialis 20mg Ireland, online in our pharmacy. A pill that allows of multiple reports for about 36 h. in this period the patient will be war in erection after ejaculation the penis reverts to its normal form. For nice report buy cialis online. Unlike its counterpart viagra, it is possible that during the use of cialis to take a little bit of alcohol, it will not affect its effect. Buy cialis in Belgium

Side effect likely

In order to make its use even more pleasant, many tests have been performed before sale. The use of this medicine is so very nice and less risk. However, as a medicine, it is possible that its use involves some side effects in some patients. Certainly no real danger to the health of a great deal of caution is needed, however, before make use of. The secondary effects likely are : headache, cough, dizziness, nose bites, muscle aches, hot flashes, stomach pain.

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Before you buy cialis 20mg please consult a doctor and inform if you have these different background : allergy has the tadalfil, a problem at the level of the retina, heart problems, low blood pressure problem of the kidneys, if you are taking medicines containing nitrates.

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